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17 ways to save money on YouTube keyword tools

The YouTube keyword tools so popular and important for every youtuber for ranking and get more viewsrs.

As everyone know YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, making it a great place to find new customers.

However, YouTube marketing can be tough on a budget the right using youtube keyword tools

I’ve prepared this list of 17 ways you can save money with YouTube keyword tools and still succeed in building your business.

1. Buy channel pack with YouTube keyword tools

A channel pack is a package of YouTube videos made available for a fixed price.

While you can get amateur quality if you don’t pay attention to the details, these packs give you the opportunity to compete with large brands for appearance on trending videos.

A channel pack is an excellent way to give a business an online presence without having to do all the work yourself.

Channel packs are a great way for new businesses to start their marketing campaigns and save money on expensive ads.

Even established businesses can benefit from this service, as it allows them to add videos to their accounts without having to do all the work.

Most channel packs include a couple of high-converting keywords and a bunch of other popular keywords, making it easier to rank for YouTube search results.

2. Optimize Your Videos for Local Search with youtube keyword tools

YouTube has the potential to rank you in local search results.

This would mean you appear when a user searches for businesses in your area.

The way this works is that Google checks the location metadata of your video against the location of a user’s search. If everything matches, then you can appear in local search results.

However, Google doesn’t have a good way to tell users about local search results for YouTube videos.

This means it can be tough to rank for these terms.

Optimizing your videos with youtube keyword tools for local search can be easy if you use a video title that contains the name of your business.

In the description, include your business address and phone number.

You can also add reviews from fake accounts to prove you are providing good service.

3. Tailor your channel for keywords with channel suggestions

You can choose to control what your channel shows.

Most YouTube keyword tools allow you to choose your topic and keywords.

You can then “squeeze” the keywords you want into a list of recommendations that appear under videos.

For example, if you have a video about gardening, you can limit the recommendation list to keywords like “garden” and “gardening”.

If your video title contains one of those words, it will be played on all channels that are related to gardening.

4. Use third party analytics software youtube keyword tools

The YouTube Insights tool is built into YouTube and tells you how many people watched your video, as well as how they found it and what they searched for.

You can use it to find out who else on YouTube is sharing your same videos.

You can access it by using the “browse all results” link under your video on the right side of the page.

5. Use a hosting service

You don’t need your own server to host your videos.

Many video hosting services make it easy to upload the highest quality files and then share the links with anyone who wishes to download them.

This is a great way to save money on hosting and doesn’t require you to do any additional work on your channel.

There are a few different video hosting services.

Hosters like Vimeo,, and Amazon have great tools to help you promote your videos, including the ability to upload multiple videos at once and the option to go live with a business channel.

There is also auto-play embedded on some of those sites, so you can use them even if you don’t have a website or customers.

6. Upload videos to YouTube earlier rather than later

Upload your videos as early in the day as possible.

This will help you avoid losing viewers by bombing out of YouTube search results.

You’ll also want to upload at least some of your videos in advance, so they can be artificially boosted by algorithms that determine which videos are likely to be popular.

You can time your uploads to avoid the major spikes in traffic, as well.

For example, if you upload early in the morning and late at night, then you might avoid peak hours.

However, take care not to upload too early because your videos will still get buried by new videos posted earlier that day.

7. Use a simple URL

A simple URL is one that doesn’t have any special characters in it.

That’s the best way to make your video appear higher in search results when people type in a search term like “garden plants”.

YouTube adds a lot of extra characters to your video URL.

This makes it look less professional and less likely to be played.

A long, complicated URL not only looks unprofessional, but it also makes it more difficult for you to use the URL to drive people back to your website.

Try using a service like bitly to create short links for your videos, so you can track exactly how many times people click through to watch them.

8. Use the right # tags

You should use tags that aren’t too specific and can be applied by many different people with different interests or hobbies.

For example, you should use “gardening” instead of “plant care”.

The more specific the tag, the less likely it is to be found by someone who wants to watch videos about it. If your niche is very narrow, you probably won’t need more than five keywords for tags.

Use of right tags can help you get found in search results, but it takes a little work to create them. It can also be tough to know how many tags are too many.

You can always test using only a few tags or a lot of tags and see which method works better for you.

9. Create a custom thumbnail for every video

youtube keyword tools

Preferably, you should create a custom thumbnail for each video on YouTube.

A custom thumbnail is one that you design yourself and upload to YouTube instead of using one of the stock thumbnails. These help you stand out from the crowd because they are unique to your channel.

You should make sure your thumbnail artwork represents the content of the video, as well as what people might be searching for when it comes to your niche.

The image should be eye-catching yet professional.

By being visible, your thumbnail can provide viewers with some idea of what the video will be about.

If you are using YouTube as a method to drive people back to your website, then your thumbnail should include some information.

Specifically, it needs to feature a logo or banner that clearly represents your business because it will appear before the actual video loads.

10. Use a generic title for every video

Include keywords in your title, but use a more generic title than is included in any video package or channel suggestion package.

For example, you could use “How to plant a garden” in your title instead of “plant care tips”. The more generic the title, the better it will be to use as a search term.

If you want viewers to know exactly where to find your videos, then put your business name, email address, and phone number in the description of every video.

You can also use this information for social media shares.

Make sure you check for copyright violations before doing this though since there are laws against using search terms without permission or including someone else’s image or logo.

11. Use shortcuts

There are various ways to get information about your videos and subscribers on a specific day.

You can use YouTube’s shortcuts to track your activity, view the number of views and comments they have, and check out the stats of your subscribers.

You can also use YouTube Creator Academy to get hands-on advice from people who have been successful at uploading videos.

Either way, it’s possible to get really good stats going into 2018 using these methods as well as following other creators on YouTube.

12. Use influencers to boost your video views

If you can afford it, you should spend a few dollars on an AdWords account and create ads specifically for YouTube.

This probably won’t get you as many views as if you were to pay for your videos altogether, but it could help you see a slight increase in traffic with paid ads even if you don’t have the budget for a video ads campaign.

You can also use video ad networks that specialize in YouTube.

Sites like Adsklick specialize in this area because they work with influencers, who are similar to YouTube personalities.

Influencers have a huge following in the social media world, so you might be able to get one of them to promote your videos if you ask.

This can require a little bit of strategy on your part though because you need to know exactly where your audience is.

For example, if you are targeting small businesses, then you would probably want someone who has a following made up mostly of other small businesses.

13. Upload high quality videos

You should upload your videos in high definition (HD).

This will make them easier to find in search results and will improve the quality of your channel overall.

The higher the quality, the better you look to viewers, and they are more likely to watch a video if they know they won’t have to deal with fuzzy or pixelated content.

You also need to upload your video with the highest possible quality that YouTube will allow.

This is usually 1080p, but you should always double-check.

Uploading your videos in the highest resolution possible will result in a better experience for everybody.

14. Use a thumbnail preview

You can include a thumbnail preview when you upload your video.

This will look better on mobile than just letting viewers see the full image.

The way you can set this up is to have the thumbnail preview copy a single frame from your video, then use that frame as your mouse over the graphic for a few seconds when the video starts playing.

This will look like a still image for viewers on their phones, which is better than nothing.

15. Choose a correct niche with high search volume and low competiter with youtube keyword tools assitant

You should choose a niche for your channel and stick to it so viewers know what they can find there.

You can be as broad or specific as you want, but you should try to get into a niche that would be interesting or helpful to others.

If your videos aren’t very good, people won’t come back.

If they are good but few people see them, then those videos aren’t doing much good for your business, either.

16. Use right keywords and keywords phrases with youtube keyword tools.

There are two types of YouTube videos: the talking head video, where you talk about your business in plain text, and the video embedded on someone else’s site (which is called an interstitial).

The YouTube search algorithm isn’t very good at understanding the difference between these two types of videos.

Many people write very long and complicated titles like “Top 10 ways to grow your business in 2014”, with lots of keywords and phrases in them.

That doesn’t help the algorithm because it’s very focused on individual words and phrases, not entire sentences.

17. Use text over images

It’s best to use text in video descriptions, annotations and other areas where you have to write over a background image.

The bigger the text is, the more likely it is that someone with a screen resolution of 800 x 600 will be able to read it.

There are many people who still use this resolution and they need larger text or there won’t be any way for them to understand what your video is about.

Conclusion of save money using youtube keyword tools

There’s no reason why you have to depend on YouTube, the most popular video platform on the Internet.

You can upload content to almost any video platform that supports videos and get the same results, but often a lot faster.

Don’t think of this book as a definitive instruction manual for YouTube.

Think of it as a tool for figuring out how to use YouTube and get the best results out of doing so.

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